Welcome to Fabric of Life

I love colour. It is a part of my life from the moment I wake up in my lavender bedroom, when I choose which bright colours I will wear, in the art on the wall in my house, and to the profusion of colour in my studio.

I use bright colours because I love them. I look for the vibration when I put colours next to each other. My favourite subject is the natural world: flowers, trees, mountains, the sea and the sky. I use abstract landscapes to tell a story about the passage of time, the changing seasons and the renewal of Spring. Trees are my icons. They represent strength and growth, the end of life and the renewal of life. I love the changing colours of the sky at sunrise and sunset, and I try to capture this natural wonder in my quilts, often as a vivid background to my abstract tree shapes.

Recently my work has become more abstract. I use colour to represent emotions and experiences. I use colour also to portray the landscapes I see at home and while travelling. I hope you will enjoy these adventures in colour.

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